A detailed comparision of the top rated e cigs in the USA

Are you determined to give up traditional cigarettes, once and for all? If you answered “yes”, you may be interested in trying e cigs, which contain just a fraction of the nicotine of regular cigarettes. If you’re interested, continue reading to discover 5 of the top rated e cig companies in the USA and if you want to go straight to one of the best UK e cig review sites then click here.

The WHO (World Health Organization) and their stance on e cigs:

While the WHO is concerned about e cigs being a gateway product for youths, who may take up smoking traditional cigarettes after experimenting with e cigs, they do not hold an anti e cig stance as e cigs  are generally less toxic than traditional cigarettes.

5 of the highest rated e cig companies:

1. Green Smoke

Green Smoke offers an extensive range of e cigarette cartridges, which come in a variety of nicotine levels and flavors. If you’re searching for a strong, rich flavor you may be interested in a 2.4% nicotine e cig. Examples of available flavors include menthol ice, absolute tobacco, smooth chocolate and vanilla dreams. As well as offering a variety of e cig starter kits which offer unbeatable value for money, Green Smoke also offers disposable cartridges.

If you’re considering purchasing e cigs, Green Smoke is a reputable business to purchase from as they are one of the largest e cig companies in the USA and have over 3.5 million satisfied customers.

2. V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs offers a variety of low to medium strength e cigs, with cartridges ranging from 0% to 1.8% nicotine. If you’re adventurous you may be interested in trying some of V2 Cig’s more creative flavors which include mint tea and cola. Although V2 Cig also offers a variety of traditional flavors such as Sahara and Congress.

One of the advantages of purchasing e cigs through V2 Cigs is that you can choose from automatic and manual e cig batteries and you have the option of purchasing a USB charger which will prolong the life of your e cig. If you’re skeptical, there is no need to worry as V2 Cigs offers a 30 day money back guarantee and free domestic shipping. I found a very good balanced V2 Cigs review here.

3. Eversmoke

Eversmoke’s e cigs have been voted by consumers as having the thickest vapor. Just like regular cigarettes, Eversmoke’s cartridges come are sold in handy portable packs, each of which contains 15 cartridges. If you’re looking for a e cig company who offers the latest e cig technology, you can’t go wrong with Eversmoke as their electronic cigarettes have been designed to offer an atomizer, a built in flavor cartridge, a rechargeable battery and an LED crystal tip.

The latter of which lights up each time you take a puff and alerts you when your e cig needs to be recharged. Eversmoke’s e cigs also feature a silicone tip which is designed to eliminate leakage. Like V2 Cigs, Eversmoke also offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

4. South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke Electronic CIgarette

South Beach Smoke’s is one of the world’s leading e cig manufactures. If being spoilt for choice when it comes to e cig flavors is important to you, you may be interested in browsing South Beach Smoke’s extensive range of e cigs and cartridges. South Beach Smoke offers 55 e liquid flavors, which can be mixed and matched to create over 30,000 different flavors.

Better yet, all of South Beach Smoke’s products are made in the USA, so you can rest assured that should you place an order that you’ll receive a high quality product. As an added bonus South Beach Smoke is one of the only e cig companies who offer a reward program. For each dollar you spend, you’ll earn 1 point. Once you’ve accumulated 200 points you’ll be eligible for a $20 voucher. The same site above also tried this product, take a look at their South Beach Smoke review here

5. Volcano

Volcano whose headquarters are located in sunny Hawaii, offer top of the line, high quality, American produced e cigs. Volcano is also one of the world’s most trusted e cig manufactures, as every batch of e cigs to come off the production line, are independently tested by an accredited third party. When it comes to flavors, Volcano’s customers are also spoilt for choice as Volcano currently offers over 40 unique e liquid flavors, such as apple pie, menthol and Hawaiian espresso.

If you browse Volcano’s website you can also view a list of suggest pairings for each flavor. If you choose to shop with Volcano, you can also rest assured that you’re entitled to a one year limited warranty on all purchases you make.